Our dogs’ noses are more than a hundred times perceptive to scents than human noses are. So, it’s no surprise that dogs are positively affected by aromatherapy. But what scents are safe/good for your dog? And which ones will give you the results you’re seeking? If you’re asking yourself these questions, we’re here to help! First, a few things to know:

Dogs are more sensitive than humans to essential oils.

  • Every dog is unique, so be sure to gauge how your pet responds
  • Avoid the eyes as well as scents like Oregano and Thyme
  • Citrus scents are fine for dogs, but not for cats – so take special care of the bottle if you also own a kitty.

Introduce your pet to aromatherapy slowly and in moderation.

  • It’s a good idea to wear them yourself or put them in a diffuser to get them used to scents
  • Paws are a great place to rub on the oils
  • You can also rub the oils on your hands and stroke your dog’s fur, for the physical benefits

A bigger dog means a bigger dose of oil.

  • Smaller dogs can have 3-5 drops diluted in 90% of a diluting agent (like v 6 vegetable oil complex)
  • Larger dogs can have 3-5 drops, not diluted.

The 6 Best Dog-Friendly Aromatherapy Scents

*Always consult your veterinarian before using, even though this is a natural therapy, all dogs react in their unique ways it’s best to get your vet’s consent first!

#1 – Lavender

Lavender is a calming scent that boosts relaxation and reduces stress, nervousness, and anxiety. It also promotes restful sleep and reduces headaches and muscle tension. Other benefits are improved immunity, blood circulation, and digestion.

#2 – Cedar

Cedar is comforting, reassuring, and has a pleasant, woodsy scent that can act as a natural deodorizer. It’s known to boost self esteem and improve your dog’s outlook on life. It also repels mosquitoes, relieves arthritis symptoms, and aids digestion.

#3 – Orange

If you’ve ever zested or peeled an orange, you’ve experienced happiness-inducing orange oil. It has a crisp, sweet, citrus smell and is proven to be an effective antidepressant, deodorant, digestive stimulant, and immune booster! It’s even got cancer-fighting abilities and is antibacterial, so once you’re done rubbing it on your dog, you can use it to clean your kitchen cutting board or counter top.

#4 – Lemongrass

Is your dog achy or experiencing body pains? Lemongrass is used to relieve muscle pains and aches. It’s also healthy for strengthening connective tissues and relaxing abdominal muscles, which reduces constipation. When rubbed into his coat, lemongrass oil will leave his fur shiny, fresh, and smelling like a sweet garden.

#5 – Chamomile

Calming, soothing, and peaceful, Chamomile is one of the most ancient, medicinal herbs known to mankind. You might’ve drunk Chamomile in “sleepy time tea” and its uses are no different in aromatherapy. This oil is great for fighting anxiety and depression because it’s mildly sedative. This one will help keep your dog calm and relaxed during thunderstorms or a trip to the vet!

#6 – Eucalyptus

This oil will elevate your dog’s mood and stimulate his mind because it brings blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Eucalyptus comes from the Australian Evergreen Tree and is also good for body aches and pains because it helps to relax stiff muscles. It doubles as an odor-remover, so if you have a stinky dog bed that needs freshening, just soak it in eucalyptus oil-infused water and place it outside to dry in the sun for an easy fix.